All the Latest Whatsapp Tips & Tricks You Can Use!

We all crave for WhatsApp these days as it has become the part of our daily to-use thing. Many of us are using WhatsApp with its primary functions known to us and sometimes we get fooled by some people and they prove you faulty effortlessly. What’s the reason behind? It is actually due to the latest WhatsApp tricks they use. They are familiar with the WhatsApp secret tricks employing which they could prove you wrong easily, even though they are wrong and you were right.

People who don’t know these tricks get easily fooled or pranked by such mindful and tech-updated people. There are lot many WhatsApp tricks and hacks in the air nowadays. In this article, we would try to make you familiar with certain WhatsApp tricks, which are the latest WhatsApp tricks 2018 which you can also use on your android device. You can also try Whatsapp mods like Yowhatsapp and GBWhatsapp for some extra features of Whatsapp, which are currently not offered by Whatsapp but if you don’t want to use these Whatsapp mods therefore, WhatsApp tricks for Android is as follows:

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Let’s Check Out Some Interesting WhatsApp Tricks and Tips:

# Create a Shortcut for WhatsApp Chat

It’s one of the cool WhatsApp chat tricks. With this trick, you could easily create a beautiful looking shortcut list. As you’ll tap on these shortcuts, the chat window will immediately get open.

Steps for activating this superb feature in your WhatsApp is as follows:

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp.
  • On the chat for which you want to create a shortcut, long press on that.
  • Now tap on the utility button that is located on the top right.
  • Now tap on the Add Chat Shortcut.

Hence, you are done. The shortcut for WhatsApp chat has been activated in your phone.

# Disable WhatsApp Blue Last Seen Ticks

This is an amazing WhatsApp trick which does not tell your friends when was your last seen so that they could not make when you were active last or at what time you have seen the message as it will show to your friend that the message is unseen as there will be no blue tick mark sign. Therefore, let’s see WhatsApp last seen tricks.

The steps to avail this feature are as follows:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Now navigate to settings and open the account.
  • Search for the privacy option and then click on last seen.
  • Now it’s up to you. You can select not seen for everyone, for my contacts or for nobody.

Following the above steps, you could hide blue last seen ticks and could escape from varied situations.

# How to Send Pictures without Compression on WhatsApp

Here we will see how you could send your desired pictures effortlessly without compressing it. Hence, the steps are as under:

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  • First of all, attach the file that you want to send from the paper clip like the icon for sharing. Our purpose is basically sharing of the uncompressed files. Therefore, select the document from the paperclip options.
  • As you do that it will launch a browser, from where you can only select document files. Do not select for any document instead tap on Browse other docs option. After selecting this you would reach the other screen, where you can opt for any sort of files as one does in the regular file browser.
  • Now from the browser, select for the image that you are willing to share. To finalize that you are sure you want to share that particular image only, tap on the tick arrow button. This will share your image file to the person you want to share with. The compression hasn’t taken place.

Hence, by employing the above steps, your picture would be sent uncompressed. Therefore, is also an important and best WhatsApp picture trick.

# Type Using Voice

If you are tired of typing long messages, then you can make use of your voice to type messages for you.

  • You just need to dictate the messages and the keyboard of your phone will be typing messages for you and at very good speed.
  • As you would tap on the voice-typing icon that basically looks like a microphone.
  • The words you’ll speak will get converted into the text, utilizing it’s built-in speech to text feature.

Therefore, your typing load would decrease and chat would turn out to be more fun. Hence, this is one of the easiest WhatsApp typing tricks or WhatsApp text tricks of all.

Above described facile steps will aid you to conveniently text the messages without having to manually type them.

# How to Recover Recent Chat Messages

In WhatsApp you can recover you could easily recover all the messages easily which are not 7 days old. The trick is very facile. What you have to do is uninstall WhatsApp and then again reinstall it. You would be delighted to know that, regularly at 4 am, WhatsApp create a backup. This data is been stored by the application in your phones external memory, i.e. your SD card. When you reinstall the WhatsApp it will prompt you for if you want to restore your messages back. As you’ll tap on the restore button, you will get all your messages back again.

Hope that above-described tricks must have fascinated you and you would definitely be going to try it out. So, all the best.

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Wrapping Up…

Being WhatsApp fanatic, we have tried to convey to you some of the latest WhatsApp tricks which could help you in your endeavors. You’ll not get deceived by any person rather you would be familiar with the new ways of using WhatsApp and could get yourself saved or escape from extreme situations. Therefore, employ WhatsApp tricks android and experience the new sphere of WhatsApp, enjoy its new functionality and have immense fun. Read our blog for more posts like this.