Everything you Need to Know about Ethernet & Its Working!

You must know about the Internet but do you know about Ethernet? Well, I guess those who’re from core technical background are definitely not new to this term. In this piece, we’re writing about everything that one needs to know about Ethernet.

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is actually a technical concept which’s not common among all however tech associates are expected to be aware of it. Ethernet is actually the method of connecting different networks with wires and cables. It resembles somewhere with the concept of LAN (Local Area Network) where various computing devices are connected together in such a way that they can transfer files and folders between them. To make use of Ethernet for connecting your computers, one should make huge consumption of cables and ports of varied sizes. Technical geeks may also know this by IEEE 802.3 protocol.

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What are the Requirements of Setting Up Ethernet?

In order to set up this Wireless network on your PC, computer or laptop, you should have the trap of wires along with the following mentioned checklist.

Computer and other computing devices to interconnect with each other provided all the devices to connect should’ve Ethernet adapter.

  • Network Interface Card

By Network interface card we mean to have required ports to connect cables and wires. It’s either come in-built on the motherboard or could be added externally.

  • A Router

The router acts as a hub which connects network and devices. It comprises various ports where you can connect different cables connected to your devices.

  • Cables

This’s most important without which Ethernet can’t come into action. You need special types of cables to connect network and devices to routers. These cables are similar to that of use for telephone or disc cabling.

  • Software

A latest operating system like Windows and Mac have default abilities to manage Ethernet and LAN but there’re some third party softwares as well to help you with this.

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Working Mechanism of Ethernet

Now you guys are well acquainted with the concept of Ethernet and what it takes to set up. Let’s also know how it works so as to have a complete understanding about Ethernet. Though Ethernet is the technical idea of connecting different computers, we’re here trying to explain it in simple terminology to impart the crux of this notion.

Ethernet is the trap of connections together where you can exchange data and files from one device to another. So, when one device sends information to another it passes through the carrier network. This carrier network may be anything say cables in this case. The sender device sends a data packet to the devices connected to the network. Other connected devices check their eligibility to receive the packet. Those devices who’re recipients will then consume the packet. However, if there’s a traffic on the network say there exist already some data pack, it holds for some seconds and tries again. This’s how Ethernet works.

Ethernet – Good or Not So Good

Well, the answer to this depends on different factors and the purpose of its use. Ethernet is wired network connections whereas wireless networks are trending these days where you can connect to any network on just a tap of your finger. Both the wired and wireless networks have their own pros and cons. Where the wired network is fastest and most secure networks, on the other hand, it involves you in the fuss of cables and wires with additional expense on its maintenance. So, it’s all up to the user and the reason for using Ethernet.

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To finish our today’s piece, all about Ethernet, we hope you’re now at least not unknown with the concept of Ethernet. Although, it’s quite a technical theory it’s widely used these days to connect various computing devices especially at workplaces where uninterrupted internet and network connectivity is not less than an asset. To know the details of Ethernet terminology, you may write to us on our blog with your specific questions in this regard and we’ll love to answer them.