Tips to Prevent Your Android Device from Getting Affected by Ransomware

If you find that your screen is locked and you are not able to do anything in your device. You cannot open any of the applications or do any task. There might be a chance that there had been a Ransom attack. If this would have been the case then remember to never give the Ransom to the attackers as it does not guarantee that your phone or data would be safe and you would get the access back, in fact, it will give the attackers an advantage and greed to take a good ransom from you even the other time. If you are in such a situation then do not worry; just follow the method which is- reboot the device in safe mode> revoke device administrator privileges> delete the app or program that has caused the trouble.

If this method does not work for you then you could go to the factory settings. This could solve your problem but at the same time it could delete the entire data that has been saved in the device but if you already had a backup then this wouldn’t have been the case and you’d be able to recover most of your data.

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Wifi Key view is a tool that is used to recover the network security passwords i.e. Wifi passwords that once had been used in your device. Wifi key view has been written in VB.NET and it’s an open source which does not require any permission nor gets interrupted with ads.

Tips to Prevent Your Android Device from Getting Hit by Ransomware

  • You should always download the apps from the official sources like that of the Google play store as if you download the apps or stuff from the sites that offer you to download the apps from the site without spending even a single penny of yours and absolutely free, it may be chance that those promising sites might be containing some malware or malicious content.
  • You must also be aware that you possess the Android security updates that are highly secured and protected so that your Android device remains protected.
  • Be careful and while you are traveling, you must inform before-hand your IT department that you’ll be requiring the internet access and for that, you’ll be using VPN when you’d be accessing the public WiFi, so that if there’s any trouble you do not get into it. But make sure that while you are using the public WiFi it should be a secured one like that of the Norton WiFi privacy.
  • You should also be careful while installing the apps. Be sure that ‘verify apps’, Google security system is been activated. To enable this in your device, go to the settings; then under the Accounts or Personal, you’d find ‘Google’. There, tap on the ‘security’ followed by ‘verify apps’. Now simply activate ‘scan device for security threats’.
  • Before installing any of the apps make sure that you also go to its reviews and check the reviews which would give you an idea that whether the app is good or not or it is the impersonated app which is basically the copy of the original and if you download it, you may come in a huge trouble due to the malicious content or malware in it.
  • Always remember to make a backup of your data in your computer itself, on cloud-based storage devices or on the USB drive. So that if there’s any problem in your system or device or if attacker blackmails you by saying that if you won’t pay the Ransom, then it will crash all your data. Therefore at least if you have the backup then you would not lose your data.
  • One should always be careful that its system and device is up-to-date or not and also it has been provided with regular patches because there are some of the sites that most of the time or you can say regularly spread the malware. Regular patching is necessary to prevent your site from getting infected by any hazardous malware.

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Hence, keep these points in mind to prevent your Android device from getting hit by Ransomware.


Ransomware has been made business by a number of attackers to raise money for the businesses, especially the small and medium-sized businesses. They through some malicious software ruin your device and ask for ransom in return to make your device, data to work well.  If you employ the above-mentioned ways then you could keep your device and data safe and be secured from these attackers you blackmail for ransom and are indulged in the illegal activity. Read our blog for more articles like this.