Know the Difference Between Normal Version vs. Lite Version of an App

We know that the normal versions or the official versions consume a lot of battery as their background function that goes on accelerates the consumption of the battery. It’s a fact that not all the people use the 3G or 4G running phones. Therefore the tech giants have come up with the lite versions you can download apps from DropApps that are light weighted. We all know that Instagram is one of the most emerging social media platforms and people all over the world are using Instagram to post their stories, pictures and video on it, now after installing GB Instagram APK you can easily store images, stories and videos of the person followed by you on Instagram.

Now almost all the standard apps, may it be Facebook, twitter etc all possess their lite versions so that it can come in reach of all the Android phone users who are not using the high-speed rendering phones.

Difference Between the Normal Version and Lite Version by Taking Facebook as an Example

App Size and Battery Usage

The size of the normal version is quite much than the lite apps. For example, the size of the facebook normal version is about 58-60 MB and its lite version is of just 2MB. As the size of the lite version is quite less, therefore, its speed to download is much faster. As the lite version is a light app hence, it consumes less battery.

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User Interface

Starting from the icon, the icon of both the apps is quite different. The name of the official icon is facebook and that of its lite version is simply lite. Lite app possesses the clean and simple interface and not encompasses the heavy and fancy stuff, devoid of animations that actually is possessed by the standard app.

Data Usage

Facebook lite is designed such that it is functional in the areas where the internet connection is quite poor. It actually runs quite good on the 2G networks. Hence it consumes very fewer

App Speed

As this is lite version and alight app with not much fancy stuff, hence the speed of the lite app is much faster than the standard Facebook As it does not contain the unnecessary stuff, therefore, the things get faster to open than the official apps.

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Auto Refresh

In this context, the standard Facebook is quite better because the facebook lite is devoid of such auto refresh or autoload feature and if you‘ll try to refresh the lite app it is like a slow

Built-in Facebook Messenger

Unlike the standard Facebook app that now needs to get the messenger app to be installed separately. Facebook lite does not force you to download the messenger separately. You can use its inbuilt messenger to chat with friends.

Emoji Support

Facebook lite does not support emoji but it supports the reactions and stickers. In facebook lite, you can create the emoji with the help of the punctuation and characters.

These were some of the points that give the clear distinction between the normal version and lite version.

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The article has made us clear with the difference between the normal version and lite version of an app. Though in the above points on the basis of Facebook by taking it as an example, we have understood that what all is the difference exists between the apps and why are lite versions considered much better than the standard apps. Also, the standard app consumes much of the battery than the lite versions; hence, lite versions are quite good. Keep visiting our blog for more such informative piece.