Electric Car – An Overview & Working

Automobile sector seems highly influenced by a cost-effective concept and in this way, the electric car sets an example. As the name clears half the concept, an electric car is simply a car that does not run on fuel rather consumes electricity to power up the vehicle. This comes under the category of BEVs which means Battery Electric Vehicles. This is an amazing breakthrough in the history of automobiles after the introduction of flying car.

Easy Tips to Enable Favicon in Safari MacOS and iOS

Have you heard about a favicon? It is basically a very small size icon of the site on that of the browser’s tab. This is primarily useful for the users so that they could easily and quickly identify from that of the brand icon that which is this browser and could use it facilely. In the case when you are doing some work and you have the number of tabs open then this becomes useful in easily identifying them and opening it easily.

The Impact of Wireless Communication on Our Daily Lives!

Wireless technology has changed the way we connect to the world. Offering constant access to the network without the fuss of thick cables and heavy set up, wireless is the most trending technology these days. The Internet has become the part and parcel of our life where imagine a day without it seems creepy. Where for teenagers, wireless connectivity is a boon to connect with their friends and exploring the way to educate themselves better, those who are grown up are utilizing it to expand their businesses and professional connections.