A Simple Guide to Fix Device Trash Error in Google Photos

Just like the recycle bin in our windows computer, Google photos also have a trash bin which keeps all your images till 60 days from the date you’ve removed that images from Google photos, so that you can restore them in case if you deleted your photos by mistake. Because of this, you have to face the device’s trash full error whenever you delete multiple photos from your device’s storage and Google photos suggest you to permanently delete items. If you’re facing the same issue, don’t worry as you can now fix this error with the help of simple tips as mentioned below.

Know the Difference Between Normal Version vs. Lite Version of an App

We know that the normal versions or the official versions consume a lot of battery as their background function that goes on accelerates the consumption of the battery. It’s a fact that not all the people use the 3G or 4G running phones. Therefore the tech giants have come up with the lite versions you can download apps from DropApps that are light weighted. We all know that Instagram is one of the most emerging social media platforms and people all over the world are using Instagram to post their stories, pictures and video on it, now after installing GB Instagram APK you can easily store images, stories and videos of the person followed by you on Instagram.

Now almost all the standard apps, may it be Facebook, twitter etc all possess their lite versions so that it can come in reach of all the Android phone users who are not using the high-speed rendering phones.