Best VPN Apps for Android to Access Internet Without Boundation!

Today android platform is prominently ruling the mobile market compared to its other competitor and thus, Android apps are becoming more personalized while carrying a lot of information about us. So, privacy has become a major matter of concern and this scenario had made looking for a good VPN app for android necessary, which we were using only for laptops and desktops lately.

Android platform is providing a lot of freedom to its users and this has made privacy and security a major issue. A VPN (virtual private network) is an android technology that is designed to work for the same. Basically, VPN for android works to provides a great end to end encryption and gives best-secured experience to users.

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Top 10 VPN Apps for Android

There are many options for VPN apps for Android available in the market. If you are still unsure what to choose then, we are sharing Top 10 free VPN apps for android that can protect your phone data and personal information next time you connect your phone to the internet.

Express VPN

While choosing a best free unlimited VPN for Android security, is always an important concern factor. Express VPN app, is the most reliable and trusted name in the industry. Providing great security by hiding your identity and helping you excess blocked website without worrying. Meanwhile, this user-friendly app also provides best customer services to its users.

Betternet VPN

This superfast VPN app is known as a most decent it offers no search log recording benefits that is appealing for some people. This Best VPN app for Android is free of cost and show ads to maintain its free model while in its premium model you can eliminate ads. It’s a user-friendly app that has a one-touch interface and easy to use that makes it a better choice for customers.

Vypr VPN

It is one of the best VPN apps for android that primary focus on geo-restrictions. So if you are fine, with your VPN provider keeping your information then, you must download it. It is a significant VPN provider that owns and monitors its whole server. Vypr VPN also provides 1-month money back guarantee to its premium customers.

Tunnel Bear VPN

This cute designed and best free VPN app for Android provides features that are easy to use and offers good functionality with great speed. It also provides access to the app from 5 devices at the same time.

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Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is yet another free mobile VPN app for Android. It provides you with a great user experience, with its smooth operation. It also offers users high security by securing you from any leak in information and encrypting every data on your phone.

Nord VPN

It is truly one of the best-unlimited VPN for Android available on Google play store. It has super fast speed and a strong encryption policy that makes it a popular brand in providing security. Meanwhile, it also gives you one-tap access to approximately 2000 server in 60 countries.

Private VPN

This app provides amazing feature at minimum cost. It provides users full feature services and access over 54 server location. The app works on great customers experience, high streaming speed, and best encryption model.

Proton VPN

Unlike other VPN option available Swiss-based, proton VPN is Best VPN apps for android targeting security as a key feature. It also provides perfect forward secrecy benefits which means it cannot be decrypted and captured afterward.

Wind Scribe

If you want to access internet on your phone securely then, wind scribe is your choice. The best free VPN app provides 10 GB per month free usage and benefit to increase the cap in its pro version. It also has an In-build ads blocker makes your phone process seamless.

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IP Vanish

Another superb VPN app on android is IP vanish. It has easy to use features that give you the entire control over privacy along with it, IP vanish also has some cool feature like providing no log, connecting five devices simultaneously and many more. Meanwhile, it also provides you the benefit from making payment through bitcoins.


If you are an android user then, it’s important for you to use the best mobile VPN app whenever you use the internet on your phone. A working VPN for Android secures your devices every time you connect them to public WIFI networks. There are lots of options to choose from and some of them are mentioned above. You can pick any of them as all of them are great and will defiantly help you in securing your privacy and getting over geo restrictions. Moreover, installing this VPN app is easy and similar, same as what we were doing for our desktop.

We hope our blog had helped you finding the best VPN app for Android. If you have not yet started then, select any one and make browsing more secure and safe.