Best Apps for Students to Learn in an Interactive & Fast Way!

Technology is changing everything we come across today. It has impacted every field from medical, agriculture, digital media to education in many ways. Traditional classroom has now evolved with technology.  As we can see, recently Blackboards are getting replaced with smart classes making teaching more interactive, books are getting replaced by handheld tablets and lastly, libraries are getting replaced by various apps designed for student making studying more interactive.

Unlike, a traditional system with this app in our hand we don’t need to hunt for a book in the library for hours and spend a lot of time for it. There are plenty of such apps for studying you can install on your laptop and android that can make your study more focused and enjoyable.

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Best Apps for Students

Here in this article, we have sorted out some of the best apps for the students that are designed to make studying simpler. Don’t wait, just scroll down and see what are some must-have apps you need to install right now on your phone.

My Homework

Not sure what is your exam schedules and what you have for your homework? Then check my homework app and never forget your school agenda. It is a great substitute for your academic diary that can help you plan and keeps a track over assignments and home works. It has a free as well as ads free pro version just for $ 4.99.

Adobe App

One of the most popular handy apps carrying a number of useful apps for the student. The app allows quick viewing, signing PDF features and also includes Photoshop, after effect, lightroom benefits that make it an important app for college as well as the school student.

Google Drive

Google drive office suit is the gem app for the college student as it is providing free cloud storage exclusively for the student. Google for education is a free platform that is providing free access to 15 GB clouds storage for students and staff that can help you in the group project.

Calculator – Take Photo to Solve Maths

This calculator app is another interesting app for student unlike scientific calculator using it is more fun. You can simply click the photo of the maths problem with equation and get the result. Don’t forget to try it next time you are doing maths homework.


Gradeup is a prominent free exam preparation app is designed for the student facing competitive exams like GATE, SSC, railway and many more. The app also gives you access to quizzes article and study material like question bank, practice papers, model papers and previous year papers.

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If losing concentration is your problem while studying then, forest app is for you. This app is a self-motivator and helps you pull down your phone. The app has partnered with a real tree planting organization. When you plant a tree with them, your tree will grow at the time you don’t use your phone but, when you don’t give up your temptation, your plant will die.

My Student Life

This app is a shared platform for student, teacher, and lecturers providing the feature to manage task and your classes, store exam schedule and get notified with reminders. Its offline feature allows syncing data with a device that helps you use the app anywhere, anytime.


It is the best app available for a student on play store which has about 16 million students registered on its platform. It has a compressive study program for maths and science student and also offers inclusive preparation for NEET, CAT, JEE etc. the app provides the amazing feature for school learning as well as the competitive exam.


Toppr is a compressive learning tool for class 5th to the 12th student whether you are looking for assistance for school exam or other competitive exams. This amazing tool for Android is the free app, designed to assist you in every field from medicine to engineering. It also has a customizable feature that allows you set your preference of classes and boards.

Oxford Dictionary

This is a must have app for every student on their Smartphone that can let you stay up to date with all new and difficult English words we come across during the study process. There are many dictionary apps available on Android but, it is most popular among all, providing user satisfaction.

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So, it’s the right time to make your Smartphone a significant tool for studying. These apps are boon for students and will defiantly help them in their daily life in managing schedules, increasing productivity, staying focused while studying. Here we have shared the best must-have apps for studying that can help the student to make learning interactive and fun. At last, we hope this amazing 10 education apps mentioned above will surely assist in your school as well as college studies and help you increase your grade this year. If we have missed out on something that you think is best then, please write to our blog in the comment below.